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  1. I was very apprehensive after the last TOI article on adulterated milk. We’ve been having Gowardhan milk for as long as I can remember. So for a while we shifted to a loose milk, which kirana stores keep and it was bad, it didn’t taste like milk and was really watery. So we switched back to Gowardhan Gold and I really do trust them as a brand. Parag milk foods has always been a trusted company.

  2. Its impossible to provide for such a large human population (tea, coffee, sweets and of course all the ‘bathing the god idols’ in milk, smearing them with butter ….. so much demand ). with pure milk by simply milking the cows that exist – either the chemicals mixed externally or hormones pumped into the cows will only make up for the difference in cow:milk:human population ratios. get your own cow if you really want all the goodness of milk OR say no to milk or milk products – let the calves get their mother’s milk to drink.

  3. Thanks to Harsh and team for bringing this all this Hard work. However can someone tell me why milk is sold at MRP+2 rs per pack in Bangalore. I found this in each and every shop here in Bangalore. If you try to make them understand concept of MRP, shopkeepers just misbehave. I wonder why government is not taking any action where necessities like milk are being sold at an additional cost of 4 rs /liter. It may look a small amount but in percentage its really high… Also can someone help me in getting the numbers where I can complaint against Nandini booth distributor, as the numbers given on nandini milk packs are never working..

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