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  1. People have given enough time to these MLA and Coporator. They did not do anything except minting money and enjoying their position. Its high time that these people are kicked out as they are worthless to Carryout duties.

  2. Ramanasri enclave bilekahalli also not connected to sewage and every time it rains there is 2-3 feet of sewage on roads. We fear when it rains !!!! Tweeted to PMO but no response.
    Inspite of paying high income tax, residential tax and very high GST we get this hell to live in.

  3. I can bet my bottom rupee that the politicians and BBMP will do nothing. They are in it for the money. These corrupt people should be put in jail and BBMP should be disbanded and a beter organisation created from the ground up. Otherwise nothing is going to change.

  4. No need to pay road tax for new vehicles as government is providing old pathetic roads then old tax paid by us enough. Remove road tax in banglore.

  5. Real estate builders are also responsible for it. As soon as road paid they will dig road for their comfort.They construct building without drainage facilities after completion they handover apartments to owners when drainpit fills up it runs on the roads.These real estate allows heavy duty lorry to run on small lane which also leads damage to road.
    I have seen most of residents they never bothered to throw filth and waste throw on the roads which make area murky and filthy.

  6. When I first came to Bangalore, looking at the traffic conditions and office being at Bellandur, I took KR puram as the last point and a bottle neck not to cross for finding a livable locality. Marthahali is the worst, kalyan nagar seems the best but hard luck to find home, I some how managed to get a home at Mahadevpura and trust me I was able to stay there just for a week thats it I left the home crossed KR puram and finally I am staying at better livable place. No matter it takes an hour and half to travel one side but still worth it. Mahadevapura is a place which is unplanned, its like people are just somehow adjusting to stay, more power cuts, narrow roads, sewage directly coming out in the road and in the rain its the worst. Even basic amenities like food vegetables vendors are far off the place. Good that the local people are coming together in demand for better place to stay.

  7. Increasing migrations from different states in a higher pace is the main reason the authorities are unable to handle the situation.

    • That is common in every big metro like Bangalore it has happen in Mumbai , Kolkata ,delhi long back but they don’t blame on migrants. because of migrants only 500 Rs site has become 5 crore in 20 years , uneducated land mafias grabbed huge money 8000 crore worth & became top minister.It is the migrants who shaped IT industry in Bangalore made Bangalore world famous . now also BBMP budget is one of the highest in country but all money is going to politician , no real work is happening , From a pensioner paradise it has became the most corrupted city , garbage city , now all this is because migration ! As if only in world people only migrated to Bangalore only ! Don’t live in fools paradise these words are taught to you by the same corrupt bureaucrat so that there corruption , in capability can’t be seen.

  8. Good to hear people are coming forward to question and protest how many of you think your are right to stand there and protest who is responsible for this mess did not see the condition of the roads and drains before investing your hard earned money .alteast at some point in your career you would have traveled abroad did not think about your living condition before putting your money have bribed the official to get housing plan sanctioned why all of a sudden you think there are roads garbage everywhere are people at home keeping there house neat and throwing garbage out side . I have seen the narrow roads and alway wonder how people have invested there money without thinking farm lands converted into layouts without any planing and educated people blindly invested in them and today your are to be blamed for the mess don’t protest join together and clean the mess created by each one of you in blindly invest in such areas

  9. Plz request dhinesh gundu Rao also to resign, check the status of filth & garbage in balepet Cross roads Bangalore. Worst management
    Will they tolerate this around their premises where they live?

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