Apartment Management

The property law you must know
Fire safety norms for high-rise apartments
Before the builder hands over

Driving Smart and Safe

Driving License: The dos and don’ts
All about traffic violation and fines
8 tips to reduce fuel expenses!
Accidents: What should you do?

Getting Around Town by Bus
Understanding BMTC bus services
All about BMTC bus passes

Property Matters

ABCs of property papers
Getting your Khata in Bengaluru
Khata guide for apartments
Coming soon: The Property Card
Twelve dos and don’ts of property purchases
Guilde to paying property tax for 2012-13

Public Services

Obtaining birth and death certificates in Bengaluru
Aadhaar: What documents will you need to get UID?

Safety and Security

Police essentials: How to file an FIR
Helplines and support for women
Guide to help children in distress
Hep lines and support for children


Which school board for your child?

Smart Living, Greener Life

Recycling & eco-friendly waste management
Water saving tips

Staying Healthy

Protection from deadly fevers
A quick guide to detecting food adultration
Fitness: Go hit the gym, but the right one


Registering on the voter rolls
From Form 6to Voter ID card: how it works


BBMP Zonal Offices
BBMP Citizen Service Centres
BBMP Control Room Phone Numbers
BBMP Councillors Phone Numbers
Sub-Registrars, Bengaluru
Regional Transport Offices (RTOs), Bengaluru
Handy numbers