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  1. Why blame only the builders? Most of the multi-level apartments, office buildings, and palatial homes are not following the Fire Safety Rules through the current rules and regulations are not even sufficient. The builder of the apartment complex where I live had not implemented many Fire Safety directives while handing over the 72 apartment complex to the Apartment Owner’s Welfare Association. When I pointed out various deficiencies for almost 10 years none of the Managing Committees took any action. After the Carlton Tower Fire Incident, I approached the highest official of the Karnataka Fire safety with a request to order an inspection of the complex and 27 violations were noticed and issued 30days notice to correct them. It took 3 years more to complete when they threatened the Association that BESCOM and BWSSB services will be terminated. I was blamed for making the complaints and scores of hate letters, abusive threats and even called for a social boycott of my family which is still continuing. If the citizens themselves are not worried about their safety why should anyone blame anybody else? I have correspondence and proofs, pictures of the violations. I am 76 years old and wanted to settle down peacefully but I am treated as a “trouble maker” by a set of people who siphoned off Association’s funds and not doing things which are required to be done for the safety of the residents.

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