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Padmanabha Arakalgud is a senior citizen living in J P Nagar area, in Bengaluru.


  1. All over Bangalore you could see footpaths occupied by VENDORS/VEHICLES and no body seems to care for pedistrants who are forced to use the roads for walking,I just want to know when will the police and the corporation wake up and take action against such vendors.WAKE UP CORPORATION AND POLICE DO SOMETHING GOOD.Are hoardings the only thing that come in front of your eyes.

    • Too many gobi/noodles/kabab corners on every street, Around night many dogs fight for the left over food. I think the cops or BBMP are aware but 😁

  2. What could have made honorable CM not to shift to his government allotted official residence? Vastu? or superstition? or any other reason that “can’t” be explained? The honorable CM should worry about the ordinary citizen’s safety too. Then he can always opt for a cell at Parappanahara Jail where some ex-chief ministers used as official residence . Government don’t have to spend additional money on security and nuisance to the public.

  3. Was not he SAFELY residing in the same premises without the security protocol earlier ?? How come there is a security threat now? Okay, let us agree that security is needed as there might be a security threat AS HE HAS BECOME CHIEF MINISTER. But why the neighbourhood residents should suffer now on his becoming a CM ??? THINK OVER

  4. It’s not only the elderly who are facing the problems because of the Chief Minister deciding to stay in his personal residence. I feel that if he wants to stay in his personal residence, he should do so as an ordinary citizen. As the Chief Minister, as Mr Arkalgud points out, he should move to the official residence which has all the trappings of power.

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