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Rahul Prashant Shukla is a resident of East Bengaluru.


  1. Rahul, you have mentioned that we can apply for khata transfer via Sakala. Does it really work. Within how many days does it get completed. I had earlier tried for sakala for something else and it did work as that was a simple task. This one looks like complicated. Not sure if anyone can share details on applying through sakala for khata transfer it will help.

    • Now sakala is quite improved. We can apply via sakala and track via that only. Few of my friends are trying with it now.

    • Yes Chitra, Now Sakala is quite improved and we can apply via Sakala itself rather than submitting document personally. Good part is we can track it and Sakala officers will help us regarding this by questioning BBMP officials in case of any delay happening.

  2. I appreciate the effort and patience. Having Kannada speaking guys in your group is ok, but learn Kannada if you have bought a house and living here. 🙂

  3. Many may not be aware. During Emergency Period in 1977, in Karnataka, Devaraj Urs was the CM.In almost every government office, if anybody tried to pay bribe for the work done by staff, the concerned staff used to refuce the same fearing immediate dismissal or termination of their services. That apart, any work in any government office was moving in lightning speed without any influence or pressure. Before 6 months Governor’s rule of Mr Dharmaveera, People were forced to Stand in Queues running to Kilometres for drawing their monthly pension at Vidhana Soudha for the whole day. When Mr Dharmaveera took charge, waiting time was reduced to 3-4 minutes per pensioner. Point here is, if the Topman is non corrupt and want to deliver, subordinates have no option other than working. But where are such Administrators?

  4. I also got the Katha transferred without paying a single penny for my individual house. Of course this was in 2002. Afterwards I had helped many to get the Katha transfers by submitting the required documents including the DD at 2% of the stamp duty paid for the purchase document,(Sale Deed) fvg Commissioner BBMP. However since the owners were impatient they paid some money and got the katha transferred since they said had no time to follow up and not knowing the local language.
    Now I have a question. Why there is a difference between A Katha and B Katha. In my view there is no such segregation. It is only to confuse owners and extract money. Even after paying mone3y they do not get A katha.

  5. Awesome! Not sure if it’s worth the time and effort but you have shown that with persistence it can be done. One question: why not raise RTI so that BBMP is forced to give a reason for the delay with documented explanation? With RTI, they cannot simply say file in this office or that office. They are required to produce copies of the documents with relevant seals. There was some talk of BBMP trying to escape RTI Act.

    • 1. Believe me its worth spending time and effort. This is the excuse most of us give ourselves and pay money for a task which officials are hired to do. Its a great satisfaction.

      2. Its now more easy to apply via Sakala and track via same. Not sure how much RTI will help. As RTI, we can get vague/misleading answers about timeline.

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