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  1. I agree with much of the article except the part linking the two girls reading on the window sill with ‘thinking for themselves’. As a long term citizen of the UK where children are brought up to think for themselves and have a civic sense this would be seen as bad manners and impolite towards a guest. In fact the girls are ‘thinking only of themselves’. Respect for other people is important.
    Yes, it is true that a lot of children in India are brought up to think only of themselves and have no civic sense either as they grow up or as adults. There is a shocking amount of self centredness whether in traffic or in the use of public spaces. Originally from Bangalore, I spend a lot of time visiting the city. It is with sadness that I see the increasing deterioration of our public spaces but I try not to despair. Hopefully, publications like yours and the many community campaigns held around Bangalore will help to raise awareness of this issue.

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