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Naresh is a former tech executive, entrepreneur, passionate about the environment, and restoring Bengaluru to its original glory. He is closely involved with the restoration of Iblur Lake, and a contributor to solid waste management initiative within the community


  1. Shikaripalya lake in electronics city phase 1 getting ignored by panchayat and drainage water getting mixed with lake water. Also localities burn plastic and dry waste near lake. can someone please look at it 🙁

  2. This is great for Bengaluru. I had filed a complaint to BBMP regarding the garbage dumping in the IDBI lake near Jambu Savari Dinne. We will soon lose this lake if we don’t take any action. Request CM to take it up

  3. Good News to read!!
    Congratulations and Thank you for all the people involved in lake restoration!!

  4. This is excellent. Hats off to the entire team which made this possible. As a resident of the neighboring area I am very very happy to see this transformation. It is not just the Iblur lake, hats-off to all those involved in the restoration and maintenance of the Kaikkondarahalli lake and also the Agara lake. This is fabulous work. You guys are true citizens of the land 🙂 while most of us are not able to reflect that (even on roads) :-(. At the minimum all others should extend support by not polluting/damaging these lakes further. Not all the cities in India have lakes, so the lakes are also Bengaluru’s pride :-). In our country many things are left to the people to take care of – even basic amenities such as good roads, water, etc. can only be in dreams. To rise above the bureaucratic and challenges of all other kinds it needs great deal of determination and efforts and that’s precisely the people involved here have demonstrated. A big thank you from a citizen of this land :-).

  5. Goosebumps!
    Power to the people. Thank you for teaching us that we are actually powerful!

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