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  1. Oh yeah? The entire city is congested, and at a stand still! ! What about that? So let’s do this… Let’s build bridges all over the city! So everyone can live happily ever after under the bridges? And Bangalore can earn a new moniker: the city of bridges?!!! 😂. Apparently those who make such wierd demands haven’t heard of the possibility of suburban trains, or bus lanes, or BRTS! But then none of the vested interest lobbies promote groups which demand sensible solutions, right??? 🤔

    • Bangaloreans are a selfish and insouciant lot. Most of them do not even know what is suburban rail. It is because of this car owning crowd that we saw the warmest December in decades. Most Bangaloreans flout rules around RWH, STP etc and contribute to the urban heat island effect.

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