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Vijay Kundaji is a resident of HSR Layout since 2003.


  1. Correcting a small, but important (!) typo in the first line of the comment above.
    After two and a half months and an “unsustainable” level of follow up with GAIL …

  2. I’d like to post an update on this.

    After two and a half months and an sustainable level of follow up with GAIL, Mecon and their contractors (Delhi based and the local party contracted for the restoration) a modicum of what they consider “restoration” was completed on a very short stretch – on 10th Main of HSR layout, Sector 7, yesterday. The work is shoddy and band-aid-like suggesting money has been pocketed in the bargain by the local contractor and the other well known traps of public funds. Needless to say the rest of the stretches of road, are partially done or left completely undone.

    As I understand it, the local contractor doing the restoration is a ‘well connected’ party and most organizations such as the Delhi contracting house are obligated to work with people like this for anything involving a BBMP interface.

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