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V Ravichandar is a Bengaluru-based civic evangelist. Full disclosure: Ravichandar is an advisor and one of the investors in Oorvani Media Pvt Ltd, that runs Citizen Matters website. Opinions expressed are his own.


  1. Thank you for this handy guide. Its alarming that the map is the primary legal reference and if not vetted by the residents of the city, could affect them due to the collection of bad/outdated data.

    Its close to impossible to find one’s home location in a huge pdf even for someone tech savvy and i’m wondering how the ordinary citizen will ever be able to participate in a process that guides their future quality of life and growth.

    To help others, i’ve got the PDFs overlaid on OpenStreetMap:
    – Existing landuse http://mapwarper.net/maps/26003#Preview_tab
    – Proposed landuse http://mapwarper.net/maps/25970#Preview_tab

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