1. In toto we can come to a conclusion that our governments are incapable of doing anything correctly. Any rule framed is to help corrupt officials to amass wealth illegally and harass law abiding citizens. These officials go Scot free without any punishments for illegally permitting building owners to construct buildings against sanctioned plan. How can our country be called a developed nation with this type of mindset? Our country may not become perfect even after ten thousand years let any number of CMs or PMs rule the state of nation.We feel ashamed when we compare ourselves wit cities like Singapore.Such cities in India is a dream.

  2. Hi,
    Is there any updates on Akrama sakrama scheme? As the BMPC is condtituted by 20th September and no updates afterwards?

  3. It says – unauthorised developments before the date of 19 th October 2013

    A builder is commencing development in June 2014 of apartment in which he will eventually construct additional floors. Will akrama sakrama help in regularising this unauthorised development ?

  4. Hi Ashok, as per the rule prevailing now, revenue sites are not eligible for regularisation, if they violate land use regulations. But if you already have an A Khata, it would be eligible I guess.

  5. What happens to property purchased after cut off date? Suppose I have revenue site within BBMP limits.

  6. What in case the violations are greater than the specified limit?? Example what if FAR violation for residential building is more than 50%, Can it be regularised?

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