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  1. Sir; Foreign fund require when Government unable reach up up last man of country. The N.G.O. work is start from last man of country. no infrastructure up to village so village people are need of basic needs and all kind of technology. developing country unable to purchase the technology so it require low rate interest loan or foreign fund. This fund is not affected the Nation’s budget. foreigners believe that without fund no one can serve the poor people; but Government raise many law for prevent to get the fund. If N.G.O. will not maintain the rules then Government can action; but N.G.O. will do wrong; so negative approach should not be adopted. Government means elected members. The facility available in city should available in village means up to last man of country. The Government is prevent the N.G.O. to serve the poor people; and self unable to reach up to last man of country. so even today we unable to remove poverty/hunger. We applied on 20-02-2016. but still it is pending. It is prepare on the ideology of Mahatma Gandhi and Sardar Patel. 08-10-2017

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