My Dress is My Identity

July 20, 2017 Radio Active 90.4MHz 0

Kong Tailin Lyngdoh, a Khasi lady from Meghalaya, was asked to leave a golf club in Delhi for wearing her traditional dress. She was told that she looked like a Nepali and that her dress »


A potter finds herself

July 18, 2017 Radio Active 90.4MHz 0

Cynthia dabbles mainly in stoneware pottery and has explored many forms, from accessories, decorative pieces to functional pottery. Over two decades, she has been learning and discovering more about the medium and herself too. In »

Arts and Culture

Making Bengaluru walls great again

July 7, 2017 Alexander Sam Thomas 0

Travelling around Bengaluru has become a pleasure for the eyes thanks to collaborative work by local and international artists including Ullas Hydoor, Amitabh Kumar, ‘Guess Who’, Harshvardhan Kadam, Mark 93 and Artez. »