1. Point 6 –
    The speed breakers are ill designed – there is no specifications for the height, slope, curve, width and location where it needs to be installed etc

  2. B.Ranganathan :- During peek hours/traffic jam two wheeler users use foot path without any hesitation more than the pedestrians. I have not seen this any where else.

  3. 1-Majority of footpath are uneven & damaged. Added to this , they are encroached upon by shopkeepers, hawkers and builders to dump debris!
    2-Unscientific road humps with no painting on them.
    3-Absence of proper marking for vehicle parking, haphazard parking, both side parking adds to traffic snarls.
    4-Bus stops just opposite each other on both side of the road and space encroaching by autos.
    5-Full road encroachment by two wheelers at railway crossings on both side without giving way for traffic from opposite side.

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