Final ward committee rules out

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Urban Development Department published ward committee rules in June 2016. The rules will help formation of ward committees and can have citizen participation in ward level.

Kathyayini Chamaraj, the co-founder of CIVIC, says that people can now start demanding that BBMP constitute the ward committees for each ward with a total of ten members with 3 women, 2 SC/ST members, 2 local associations and any three other members.Other terms:

  • The committee must meet every month and put up the minutes and resolutions in the ward office.
  • The Ward Committee meetings are open to the public and RWA members should make it a point to attend them.
  • You can only observe the meetings but cannot intervene.
  • Your grievances can be submitted to the Councillor one week before the meeting. 
  • You can videograph the meetings. 
  • The Secretary of the Ward Committee has to provide an Action Taken Report next month on resolutions of previous meetings.