Workshop on Learning process

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Date(s) - 06/10/2017 - 08/10/2017
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Exploring how Learning is a natural process of sustaining life,
how schooling and literacy damage the natural cognitive system meant for learning the world’

Exploration to understand what is learning, how learning the word has rewired our cognitive process, how children learn the real world, how schools and modern parents kill their creativity and how to recover our authentic learning process as well as create the condition for children to retain their creativity.


This workshop would be of great value for anyone interested in understanding creativity, learning process, integral nature of beauty and cognition, what and how children learn the REAL WORLD- (for parents who want to let children be, teachers who are sensitive to the deeper, existential needs of children, people in creative professions especially design and architecture, psychologists, cognitive scientists etc.. Parents and would be parents will definitely be benefited by the workshop and also people in early childhood learning. Those who are involved de schooling and de colonizing will understand how conditioning takes place.


Learning is, or ought to be, to ensure harmonious living amongst humans and other forms of animate or inanimate life. Children are naturally and biologically equipped to learn the world. The contemporary education is about learning the word. Nature teaches life and not the word. This creates a direct conflict between life and its bearers. This changes the cognitive source and process not only within the child but also the world he/she has to live in. Learning the Word demands tools, qualities and abilities that are in conflict with the apparatus, qualities and abilities needed to learn the world.
We, however, are trained to learn the word alone. That shapes our cognitive system of knowing our own selves, the world, families, relationships and the rest of natural/social phenomena that ought to nurture us. The way in which language organizes the world also impacts the development of our cognitive system. We not only bypass the real world in this process but also numb our senses/ body related cognitive system.
Once children go through schooling, due to the numbing of their senses, their creativity and sensitivity are lost. This stands in sharp contradiction to the child and adult alike. No amount of education or moral stories can then help children regain their natural and inherent possibilities. It is a matter of great concern and shame that young children are committing suicide. This was unimaginable and unheard of just 10-15 years ago.

The workshop plans to explore following questions:

What is learning and how does what we learn shape our ‘being’?
Why do we need knowledge at all? Is it just for employment or are there any existential reasons?
Why is that we are not aware of our own damage; the cognitive damages of the modern schooling process?
Why have we become blind to the inherent propensity and natural process of learning in children?
How children learn the real world and how are children misled from this natural process- the context and conditions and activities that are responsible for the ‘formation’ of the child’s being.
Is there a natural process of learning the world with the help of the word? Or what is the role of language in the creation of knowledge?
We will be also be discussing how children learn naturally, what conditions enhance or impede creativity and awakening of intelligence, how teaching creates existential confusion in children, the cognitive importance of play, and how self-initiated drawing helps children to understand the real world in terms of two dimensional space and finally how to re organize the space/ conditions conducive for children’ autonomous unfolding.

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