Screening of films – Women in the Lead: the shaping of female subjectivities

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Date(s) - 16/08/2017 - 22/08/2017
5:00 pm - 7:00 pm



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NATIONAL GALLERY OF MODERN ART BENGALURU (Ministry of Culture, Government of India), in collaboration with Bangalore Film Society, is screening films with ‘Women in the Lead’.

All the films will start @5 pm. Entry is Free on first come first serve basis. All are invited!

Tea/coffee will be served after the screening.

Women in the Lead brings together critically acclaimed films from different parts of the world that centre around strong female protagonists. Exploring the various facets of female experiences – within the self via that famous Bergman psychological drama Persona and within the family and then the larger implications of how this positioning plays out in the making of nation states via Ghatak’s Meghe Dhaka Tara – these iconic films place the shaping of female subjectivities at the heart of their enquiries. Also included are more contemporary films – Meshkini’s The Day I became a Woman, Almodovar’s Volver and Mungiu’s Beyond the Hills – to address issues of control, abuse, repression and loneliness women have to face in the diverse cultural, social and political contexts of Iran, Spain and Romania.

Wednesday 16th August 2017

Meghe Dhaka Tara
Director: Ritwik Ghatak / Bengali /1960 / 134 minutes

Ghatak’s classic Meghe Dhaka Tara (The Cloud-capped Star) is built on a simple story line – how the eldest daughter of an uprooted family turns into the breadwinner in a stifling environment and ultimately sacrifices her life. In fact, Nita, the protagonist in the film, has become a deathless symbol of Partition and the uprooted woman’s tragic struggle against it.

​Thursday 1​7​th August 2017
Director: Ingmar Bergman / Sweden / 1966 / 84 minutes
Persona revolves around a young nurse named Alma and her patient, a well-known stage actress named Elisabet Vogler, who has suddenly ceased to speak. The two move to a cottage, where Alma cares for Elisabet and shares with her intimate secrets. And as the film progresses begins to have trouble distinguishing herself from Elisabet.

​Saturday 1​9​th August 2017
The Day I Became a Woman
Director: Marzieh Meshkini / Iran /2001 / 78 minutes
The film is structured in three episodes and each segment tells the story of a female at a different stage of her life. We first meet Hava who is approaching her ninth birthday – that significant age when tradition insists that she must leave her childhood behind. The second, Ahoo, is a young wife who is a contestant in a woman’s bicycle race, against her family’s wishes. Finally, Hoora is an old woman who goes on the ultimate shopping spree to buy all the things she has never had. Each vignette shows the disappointment and thwarted desire that women experience

Sunday 20th August 2017
Director: Pedro Almodóvar/ Spain / 2006 / 121 minutes
After her death, a mother returns to her hometown in order to fix the situations she couldn’t resolve during her life. Volver is a movie about mothers and daughters, Three generations of women survive easterly wind, fire, madness, superstition and even death through goodness, lies and an unlimited vitality.

Tuesday 22nd August 2017
Beyond the Hills
Director: Cristian Mungiu / Romania / 2012 /155 minutes
The film is based on real events in Romania. It begins with the reunion of two young women who grew up in the same orphanage; one has found refuge at a convent in Romania and refuses to leave with her friend, who now lives in Germany. Now Alina has returned after several years in Germany; she hopes to take Voichita away with her, but the latter is fully committed to her life at the monastery.

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