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Date(s) - 24/06/2017
9:00 am - 4:00 pm

M S Ramaiah Institute of Technology, ESB-2 Auditorium, MSR Nagar, MSRIT post

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Entry Fee: Rs 600/-

Program conducted by M S Ramaiah Institute of Technology in association with LSIKC, WE Trust, and MHR Foundation of India.

Language: ENGLISH.


The visionary reformer of farming in India, pioneer of ‘Zero Budget Natural Farming’ movement, Padmashree awardee Shree SUBHASH PALEKARji, is making a rare visit to Bengaluru.

His Rural Training Programs have helped farmers move back to Sustainable, Poison-free and Chemical-free Farming, which have improved their lot both in terms of profitability, as well as the health of the farmers and those who eat the food, their soil, and the eco-system, and therefore the impact on the planet itself;

Of late, there has been heightened interest from Urbanites who have been flocking to his workshops held in rural towns. To meet this demand, Shree Palekarji has now started one more movement for people in urban areas called: ‘BACK TO NATURE’!

This workshop caters to people in professions such as IT, doctors, lawyers, officers in govt. businessmen etc, terrace garden enthusiasts, nature loving friends, activists, etc., who are actively concerned about Nature, about the Eco-system, and about caring for it.


☀ Awareness on the problems of today and how by being in our professions we can help to solve those problems.
☀ Increased chronic diseases such as cancer, diabetes, BP and a lot of new diseases coming to challenge humanity every passing day and how to come out of this situation.
☀ Huge water scarcity both in urban areas and rural areas and how to come out of this problem.
☀ Huge generation of city garbage: It has become a big problem for the administration to solve.
☀ Shree Palekarji has a great solution for this, creating beautiful terrace gardens by using the kitchen remains and also the leaves fallen on the roads as material for the POTs.

☀ Shree Palekarji is going to explain the importance and nuances of Panchamahabutas(earth, water, sun, air, space) and their understanding to understand nature.
☀ He offers Actionable solutions to the challenging problems of Global Warming and Climate Change. And how each individual can help solve this problem by being in their respective professions.
☀ His emphasis is on understanding how lifestyle is important, and what changes we need to make to help solve our problems.

☀ The importance of Desi cows in agriculture is discussed, and how one desi cow is enough to cultivate 30 acres of agriculture will be briefed.

☀ Also importance of connecting directly with ZBNF farmers to buy poison free food would be discussed.
☀ Sustainable life styles for healthy, disease free society – how to achieve will be discussed.

So Friends, Please register for this Program ‘Back to Nature’ ; it is part of one week workshop conducted by Department of chemistry, MSRIT, Bangalore.

Please note, seats are limited, and hence pre-registration is required;
No accomodation is provided.

RSVP on the following link, after payment:

Payment detaisl and Fees are listed on the RSVP link.

M S Ramaiah Institute of Technology,
ESB-2 Auditorium,
MSR Nagar, MSRIT post,
Bengaluru- 560054.
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☀ Dr. Nagaraju Kottam 9886646535
☀ Dr. P. Muralikrishna 9741418788
☀ Mallikarjuna H Rao 9900003891
☀ Prasanna Murthy T R 8453620641
☀ Purnananda 984555 7009
☀ Chandrasekhar kadadi 9449966891
☀ Subramani Reddy 9980530197
☀ Dr B M Nagabhushana 9916030272

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