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  1. Great work done by BWRCA. One of the reasons for the deterioration of this road is the heavy truck traffic that goes through this stretch. I have seen a few occasions when these trucks got stuck in the pot holes created stopping the whole traffic. I thought these heavy truck traffic is not supposed to go through this road at least during the day time hours. What can be done to stop this flow of heavy truck traffic through this way?

  2. Lessons for all involved in civic work especially the follow up with concerned after knowing whom to approach.It is not a good sign that it needs ~ 250 calls by a dedicated person to get apathetic citizens moving!.
    Anyway, good work done by the RWA.Such coverage by citizen matters helps to publicise good work and share info. Could it become a regular feature?

  3. Good to see people are waking up to resolve their everyday problems. More such active participation is needed to bring about change.

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