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  1. @National
    Good thinking! This is why tunnels should be built at the cost of the vehicle owners – right now we (vehicle owners) are taking a free ride on the general public’s health, wealth and sanity by creating roads on public land without paying the full price of the damage to the environment and those living on the land around (Include humans, animals, trees …). The tunnel should be a closed system – nothing goes in, nothing comes out – except vehicles. All the byproducts produced by the vehicles to be cleaned up by charging the vehicles suitably.

  2. @rao
    Do you know what it takes to build a tunnel.. it should be public transport what makes the city sustainable. u increase the capacity of road more vehicles to follow.

  3. Simply these two ideas alternative to #SB 1. Create 6 Lanes tunnel road from Le-Meridian to just after Hebbal flyover 2. Build monorail from Majestic to KIAL Passengers from Metro and City railway station can get easily access to Monorail if its constructed. . While creating tunnel road all the work carried out under the ground hence normal life not at all affected on Bellari road.

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