When dirt hits home

February 6, 2013 Padmalatha Ravi 0

Little did one realise that waste management meant to save the environment would upset the marital harmony in so many families.



The rape debate – did it or did it not happen?

October 25, 2012 Padmalatha Ravi 1

Bengaluru witnessed four rape cases in less than a week. Reams have been written about how media and society should react when a person is sexually assaulted. There have been protests against the insensitive reactions and sensationalisation of such assaults. But have things changed?



What women wear, and where

July 19, 2010 Padmalatha Ravi 1

Greater Bangalore is growing in all directions but there is distinct line that separates people who can afford those two wheelers and those who are “stuck” with public transport. What women wear seems to be hugely affected by which mode of transport they can afford.