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  1. BJP, Congress or JDS, they are going to milk Mahadevapura and give the money to Rajaji Nagar, Jaya Nagar and Indira Nagar. That’s the broken process. 50% of property tax collected in a ward must be spent only on that ward. If the elected reps can’t bring in and implement such a rule, there is no local governance and they are all just useless.

  2. Even whitefield, vurthur, channasandra is the major connected rd. All peripheral rds are heavily damaged. Kids struggling to go to school, catch bus, others having difficulty even to step out due to rain. Noone is bothered.

  3. If nothing works, lets start again and stop paying tax until all cleared. We pay tax regularly from our hard earned money. We get nothing out of this.

  4. At the onset, I was not able to be part of the protest. My sincere apology and thanks to the organizers and those who turned up. The spark has let to some initiation of action. Let’s try and follow up. We need to learn from other successful citizen movements and become better.

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