A series of articles around important topics affecting Bangaloreans.

About the fellowship

Social Venture Partners collaborates with Oorvani Foundation for the Cities of India Fellowship, to explore important issues that affect Bengalureans.

These stories centered around the theme ‘Insights into Bengaluru’.  The main aim of this exercise is to help build on a richer body of knowledge that citizens, experts alike can access and accordingly discuss in their discourses around civic governance and development.

Job aspirations of the urban poor

pic: Manikantan

These youngsters’ ambitions face a lot of hurdles – limited opportunities, access to quality education and financial challenges in their homes.  Most of their parents work in the informal sector. Their children are now out in the world looking to join the workforce as newly minted high school or college graduates. How does their lack of privilege translate into reality for them?

These are people with skill sets that don’t match the jobs they want. In a constant battle between the reality and dream, these youngsters battle an uphill task everyday. How can that employability gap be bridged?

The skill gap

Employment data shows that jobs have become scarce and graduates are finding it hard to get placed. Where exactly does the problem lie? How are industries and academia dealing with this? What is the government doing? This series of articles explores the skill gap and if the industry-academia partnership can help.

Bengaluru’s loss of vegetation and initiatives to green the city

As Bengaluru’s built up area increased and trees lost to infrastructure projects, we see heat, pollution, flooding and more.  But our citizens are not sitting back impassively, but pitching in to do their bit; People as well as organisations like Saytrees and Afforest are doing whatever it takes to green the city 


A discussion at the Bengaluru International Centre explored solutions: