As is common knowledge /one and all concerned is expected to be aware, BWWSSB , sometime ago, indicated that the time limit for compliance with the STP requirement for old building complexes had been extended to December. The concerned Minister , however,later announced that compliance would not be insisted upon except ‘prospectively’. Nonetheless, it has come to be heard that quite recently, BWSSB has gone ahead with issuance of a fresh Notice, impudently so, requiring STP compliance by an old building complex in JP Nagar, may be as a TEST CASE, by early September. Such precipitated action of the local authority , to say the least, daringly flies in the face of the mentioned events. Further, pending disposal of connected writ proceedings in court, the unwisely hasty step taken by BWSSB is, in one’s firm conviction, highly questionable and rightly objectionable. And, if so, the Notice deserves to be strongly objected to, and any possible next step needs to e nipped in the bud, so to say.

    Over to law experts for sharing their views , for enlightenment and proper guidance,in the larger public interest.

  2. OFFHAND (to share some instant thoughts):
    Stated, – “…..around 1900 STPs of the total 3,348 apartments of size 20+ connected to BWSSB’s network have been fined so far.”
    The data , it appears, is prima facie incomplete. If so, more info., might be of useful guidance to those sailing /doomed and expect to sail in the same boat.
    Points of doubt:
    1. Are not the given numbers too small, in comparison to the field actual? For, according to a guess, or random survey, there should be far large number of complexes, running into quite many thousands, , especially in old developed localities, with no STP.
    2. How many of those are serious about , -without meekly submitting to the authority’s coercive action,- contesting the matter in litigation; and what positive steps have thus far been taken , to make an effective move forward?
    Should there be no such , and all other, like information of relevance , have not been obtained / available, might be worth having, before moving court.
    The author of the article may be pleased to share with the rest the requisite additional info., sooner than later, on the above indicated lines; so as to prove to be of useful guidance, in making a move forward.
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