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  1. Dear Sir,
    Please collect the sanctioned building plan copy. Lodge a complaint with the ADGP,BMTF, Office situated at BBMP head office, N.R.Road,Bangalore and copies to the AEE, EE, Joint Commissioner and Commissioner, BBMP and meet the SP Lokayukta, bangalore urban at Multistoreyed building with all the copies of your complaint. Obtain Acknowledgement from every office. You can also lodge register complaints on the website. BMTF officials will investigate and within one week the progress will be displayed, If a complainant wants to keep his/her identity secret, the progress of investigation will be sent to the complainant’s email ID.
    Director Of Additional General Police, Bbmp Main Building, Nr Square, N R Road, Bangalore – 560002. Telephone No : 080 22975586, 22975587, 22975589
    Email bmtf [dot] policestation [at] gmail [dot] com.www.bmtf.gov.in.
    or visit:http://lokayukta.kar.nic.in/Sri H.N.Sathyanarayan Rao
    , ADGP Phone.080 22353754;
    But, Before complaining and lodging, make sure that you have all relevant details, documents and photos. It is better to lodge a police complaint regarding your security, as you might face bad elements.
    Take utmost care, before taking any action.

  2. Building being constructed illegally.

    Two multi-storey building being constructed illegally at C K Garden, Cooke Town, St Thomas Town Post. These buildings that have come up in these areas are clear indication of violations in building plans. We wish to highlight this unauthorised construction and deviation of building plans at Cooke Town.

    Although complaints to the BBMP officials rendered no results, no action has been taken. Despite repeated complaints made to the Palike against the illegality, the construction work has not halted. We are all senior citizen in peaceful possession of our residential property. We are all law-abiding citizen and unable to move freely because of our old age and health conditions. We cannot keep going repeatedly to the BBMP (East) office frequently to follow up on the action. We are left with no option but to approach you and appeal through the media to the commissioner of the BBMP to order an inspection and take necessary action.

    When you look at these buildings under construction, the 1st question that arises is –how are the concerned authorities approving high-rises on roads that are less than 20 feet. Based on the Soil (Load) Bearing Capacity, only then approvals are given on number of floors that can be constructed. Historically, only 2-3 floors were sanctioned, but now there are buildings with 4-5 floors and it amazes how the authorities are turning a blind eye to this. The building will deprive natural air and light to neighbours. The basic amenities such as vehicular movements, parking, water, power and sewage lines are all going to be seriously affected and the builders don’t seem to be concerned with all this. These buildings are being constructed with no setbacks given and the entrance to the apartment blocks are just 12 ½ feet. In such a small approach lane of 20 feet, it is a challenge for a fire fighting truck or an ambulance to enter in case of any emergency evacuation or a disaster. We have many such cases sighted recently in Bangalore the recent one being in Someshwaranagar.

    All these factors pose a great threat to the adjacent neighbours and with the growing population of senior residents; it puts many innocent lives at risk. This issue has been taken up by multiple parties with the concerned authorities on several occasions, but they seem to turn to deaf ears to the voice of citizen’s. The builders have grossly violated the building rules and norms of the Government – while the authorities remain mute spectators and citizens silent sufferers.

    With no action taken by the law & order officials in spite of repeated verbal and written complaints, I fear to imagine where we are heading.

    We appreciate your advice on how to take this forward. We really seek your help and assistance in this regard. We ask all concerned to take stringent action to curb such violation by these builders. Any action taken should prove to be an eye opener and send a strong message that violations of the norms will not be tolerated now and in the future.

    Immediate action may avert the happening of a “Someshwaranagar incident “.

    In the interest of public concern.

    Hutchins Road 3rd cross

  3. Hi I am very impressed by your Blog. I would like to thanks for sharing these useful information. Actually I am searching information regarding Soil test for building, I am planning to reconstruct my home and I have got more information through your Blog which was not expected.

  4. Sir,
    Advocate might have given his opinion on the titles and definitely not on the construction or the quality of construction. You may need either BBMP sanction or the apartment owners association permission to install shutters. If you are concerned about the quality, may conduct a thorough examination with the help of a Chartered Engineer and the Civil Engineer.
    Check the sale agreement conditions, sale deed conditions and clauses and the Association`s By Laws, before erecting or installing anything new.

  5. Hi,
    As I am new to region and could not read,write or understand local language.
    I believed on advocate and after his approval I bought the property. When there was a situation, I want to install a shutter for my balcony(~24″ balcony) a concern about building capacity got raised by other resident(who is more of close to builder). There were concerns that the residents are not satisfied with the quality of work builder might have done resulting in Strict NO-NO to go ahead, leading me in deli-ma whether our property is safe or not.
    Please suggest me, what should I do to ensure the property would not collapse.

  6. “….Check the history of the builder – any criminal cases or building violation cases against him or the company in the past….”
    In today’s scenario, in which, as is commonly known and can be intelligently deciphered, there is an unmistakable landslide in the whole national economy. That has enveloped/engulfed almost every one of the players in a business/commercial sector, not barring the infamous realty sector. If so, and on that indisputable premise no prospective consumer (buyer), for obvious reasons, can sanely consider or be guided by the ‘past history’ of a promoter/builder , aloe or even otherwise, as a safe and secure bet or comfort. To put it differently, in order to protect and safeguard, as far as feasible / intelligently possible, own interests in every respect, what ought to be thoroughly gone into and vetted by a truly competent and reliable, reputed law man, after being fully convinced about his credibility, more so as one fully ‘equipped’ to provide an independent/impartial advice on the ‘legal documentation’ part of the transaction. In order to accomplish that purposive object, there is no gainsaying that, it is inevitable that the consumer himself should try and be aware of what all are the basic requirements of the governing laws- i.e. the special enactments on property transfer/conveyance, necessarily not ignoring the rudimentary implications of the law on “contracts”.
    In a welfare state, as ideally expected, but invariable proving a myth, it is the duty and responsibility of every concerned public servant, empowered to implement,the law of transfer- mainly the registering authorities, to endeavor and ensure that any document produced for registration, before affixing his authoritative stamp of approval, does not suffer from any deficiency, a glaring one at that, if regard be had to what the governing enactment(s) clearly stipulate/ enjoin.

    <may be contd.

  7. The building bylaw is old (2003) and there is clear marked difference between the old and the new Master plan bylaw.
    Thanks for a good article by Ms.Bosky Khanna.
    Most of the buyers look for the cosmetic looks of the apartment rather than these important compliance.
    The developers fleece the unsuspecting buyers stating that `XXXXX` banks have approved their projects and sell it to them. Based on the approval from the banks, the buyers jump into the purchase, as most of them(95%) are borrowers.
    Good Article. An eye opener. Hope, the buyers read this.
    Ecopackindia team

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