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Srinivas Alavilli is a citizen activist based in Bengaluru, working on a variety of issues. He is the co-founder of Citizens for Bengaluru.


  1. If you see data published by BTP the maximum fine collected is for helmetless driving and driving without seat belt. Though these are traffic violations they are less grave than footpath driving , rash driving, shrill honking, obstructing traffic movement and disregarding ambulance etc. But no effort is put by BTP in going overdrive for these kinds of violations.
    Hyppocracy at its best in the name of enforcing traffic rules

  2. Average landholdings of Indian farmers is 0.5 acre , if paddy grown ,he will get Rs 5000-8000 as income…if he caught in this fine system…he has to pay all his earnings… then what he will do to feed his family

  3. As a resident, who walks, cycles and drives a car in Bengaluru, I completely agree with Shri Alavilli’s viewpoint. While enforcement can definitely be improved, the absolute gross indiscipline and scant regard for traffic rules and courtesy to fellow drivers and pedestrians, is a mass behaviour that refuses to cure itself! Extraordinary fines are the most effective deterrent and compulsion towards compliance. Take the issue of excessive honking, use of banned Air Horns, reverse horns and side signal beepers, which has made almost all our residential areas severely Noise Polluted. The new increased fines don’t cover these offences. Do we believe that drivers will comply on their own?

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