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Kathyayini Chamaraj is a freelance journalist writing since 32 years on development issues. She is also the Executive Trustee of CIVIC Bangalore since 2005, which works on issues of urban governance with a rights-based approach.


  1. ‘they will soon find themselves discarded’ ..

    Really ? How.is that even going to happen. If it were a possibility would they behave the way they are now.

    Kindly enlighten on how the solution of discarding the councillors is possible

  2. Privitise this with tender’s also make everything transparent to the extent that ill intentioned people cannot innovate wither to eat or misuse money and also do under quality work if it is found that way fire them. Basically it is clear in all Govt depts people are only finding loop holes for sitting idle or misuse funds. No quality checks and no governance so everything is a mess. So anything not in compliance should be fired and immediately replaced so this should be automatic in the system and no manual intervention. If there is anything manual it becomes easy to buttress the person and misuse everything.

  3. The more people decide to talk with their councillors and other citizens to bring the ward committee to its rightful operation, the better governance will get. Vested interests are many and the government is not measuring the councillors on proper conduct of these meetings. Only people’s pressure can change this.

  4. Sadly, nothing will change. I have lost faith in the system, unqualified people, lack of accountability and professionalism. Things will continue to remain the same.

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