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  1. What a laugh! BBMP shirking it’s responsibility and then playing judge for citizen clean up activities.

  2. It is an eyewash to take the focus from BBMPs corruption and mismanagement. If they cannot do they job, they should be dissolved and a new, revamped municipal cooperation should be setup in coordination with public. There should be minimal govt control and greater control of fellow residents of the palika area

  3. Then what will BBMP do of the taxes we pay if we start doing BBMPs job?! Will the give property tax exemption ?! They don’t want to take any responsibility and just make these so called “techies” do everything.

  4. Wonderful initiative! First take property tax, house registration tax, road tax and then have people adopt a street to maintain it. Why do we pay the taxes then? The roads in Bangalore are horrible and even the drainage is not even up to the standards.

  5. The evolution of the elected people’s representatives becoming the unquestionable ‘government ‘ who’s work is “ god’s work “ as proclaimed at many establishments of governments is an amazing process. Those who pretended to be all for you, suddenly turn all against you! Thus, we end up paying toll to use the roads after having already paid hefty amounts as road tax … after paying many such taxes n fess the governments finally tells you to take care of yourself! Funny…

  6. Then we have to stop paying taxes to BBMP,if we adopt a street BBMP may not do anything thy ll just have the harden money of public…

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