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Nitin Seshadri is a resident of Koramangala.

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  1. This is typical of the Oligarchic republic of Bangalore. We want flyovers in Bangalore but not in front of our houses/ on our roads. Was this brigade not behind the scrapping of the signal free corridor in Koramangala? This brigade wants a long elevated road on IRR. A light rail system on this road linking SV Road Metro to SB would have solved a lot of issues unlike this concrete monster, which is being planned. It is quite clear that this flyover beku group has no read IISC’s report on Bangalore becoming unlivable.
    BCM should focus on public transport and not give credence to the views of the flyover brigade. Bangalore is slowly but surely dying. These kind of rants castigating the moves of the conscientious citizen are certainly not helping.

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