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  1. Even if it is true “The elevated railway” track, the construction work is going to affect the running schedules of the existing trains for next 3-4 years. @Piyush Goyal Sir, We have seen enough of infrastructure improvement work in Bangalore from last 10 years but it didn’t improve commuting time to office.
    Railways is doing great job but popularity and efficiency can be be improved with the existing infrastructure. On the other side, the fare is too less, Increase the fare or the monthly charges but provide better service.

  2. Atrocious state of affairs. Bangalore is the only major city in India lacking mass transport system. All the roads choke with the immense population growth of the last decade or so and in fact some say this is third largest population in India after Mumbai and Delhi. In terms of number of vehicles on road 2nd largest in the country. People suffering for over a decade with the bad transport infrastructure and all appeals gone no where. Politicians time after time keep making eye wash announcements leaving the public to the miserable life for decades. Hope it gets better some day !!!

  3. Piyush Goel is an efficient minister,must have announced after considerable thoughts,what he is talking.let us hope for the best.

  4. It is quite clear that politics is at play here. Mr. Ananth Kumar who rode to victory on the back of this phrase, “Nagara Bharatha Sundara Swapna Kandiruva Namma Narendra Modi avaru”, should do some soul searching. There is an attitude of nonchalance and insouciance displayed by GOK on the issue of rail projects. The rail board and SWR live in their own ivory towers and behave in a high handed manner. My two cents on this, “Bureaucrats and politicians, Please get off your high horse. Don’t take people for granted!”

  5. This is just a gimmick fore elections Bangalore South MP was with our railway minister, when he spoke about it. So this is just a Parivarthan Speech for railway commuter, In Karnataka Rural folk writes on the Door Nale Ba ( Come tomorrow) which never comes.

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