1. BBMP should educate voters about their rights and responsibilities by organising meetings and introduce ward committee members to the public. Many corporators once they get elected they feel that theirs is the rule of law. Many Civic Amenity Sites which are menat for public utility services are diverted to their contacts. BBMP should prescribe basic qualification to become a Corporator. There are few Corportors who have the background of notorious criminal activities and they are being blessed by few MLAs. BBMP should frame fules for becoming Corporator. People should be educated properly. Home Dept. should conduct Govt- people contact programme to educate abt their rights so that fear of the public will vanish and public will come forward to complain to the authorities openly. Each civil work should be properly organised such as date of commencement, completion, penalty, contact nos. etc. see the pathetic condition of flyover at 18th cross the work is going on for several years. Many lakes are drying, sewage water is allowed to enter into the lake. Garbage clearance shd be stremlined. Even workers who clean the raods do not have proper gloves to cover their hand and nose and they r exposed to disesase.

  2. I’ve been doing a lot of social activities right from college days till today,where I stay presently(Sobha Ruby Apartments,Nagasandra Colony,B’lore north 73 ).I fought with the builder on various issues like water,power khata,traffic,garbage,law and order and many civic problems faced by people in their daily life.Most newspapers such as Bangalore Mirror,Deccan Herald,The Hindu,DNA and TV9 have published articles which help me to sort out the issues between the government and builder with top priority.My view is that the infrastructure can develop unless and until the education from the grass root level is given to each and every child.Lack of discipline has affected the progress of our nation.To be a social worker,you should be dedicated to work for the entire society rather than being selfish.

    (I’m new to this organisation.Can you please advise me on how and where should I report my views).

  3. Wait. Last I heard these guys were opposing Electronic City coming under Corporation limits. And now they want to help people get into the corporation which they don’t want to be a part of. What about conflict of interest when an approval is needed for some campus to come up for one of these companies and the corporator was ‘trained’ by BPAC? No matter what they say or do, they will not be able to shake off the tag of a lobbying group simply because of such conflicts of interest. And what are they planning to do about the crores that get spent during elections? Give low-interest loans to the trainees?

  4. Political lobbying by business at its best!!. Concern is real people’s real concern shouldn’t get compromised for the sake of some big business!!. Look at the city Detroit called ghost city today. why?. Business people lobbying for their own sake!!. And city of Detroit paid the price!!

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