1. Please stop all these things and mind your own business. Don’t try to influence citizens. By the way what is the gauge/criteria used for endorsing the above mentioned candidates?

  2. Great work! A first step towards citzen awareness and involvement in the voting process. Your rating has helped me decide, in an otherwise confusing scenario.

  3. If you go by one of your criteria – conflict of interest between public office and private interest, how was KJ George selected being Bangalore Minister and also having stakes in real estate.? He was also accused in the Ganapathi suicide case. So can’t completely call him a saint.
    Another criteria about RWAs raising issues of dissatisfaction in their areas, how does Haris qualify when many RWAs in Indiranagar which is part of Shantinagar constituency have been raising so many issues against pubs, bars and illegal commercialization and Haris has not been able to meet the citizens demands.
    These issues can raise doubts about your selection of candidates.

  4. I wonder how a politician like NA Harris with a recent record of criminal I atomisation, use of public office for pressure on citizen, was selected despite the elimination criteria. This is a low for BPAC and seriously erodes trust in BPAC. I wish journalists too question BPAC and make public their response.

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