Metro work chugging along

March 10, 2009 Zainab Bawa 4

But rather wearily, and with many hiccups. Recent update is that 11 cases against land acquisition on CMH Road were dismissed in just three days.



Women hit back in peace

March 9, 2009 Zainab Bawa 1

Combating the recent violent attacks on women in the city, volunteers of the Fearless Karnataka group sensitised residents, passers-by and shop owners at Vasanthnagar, Ulsoor, CMH Road, Rest House Road and Cunningham Road.



“Bangalore: The Making of a World City”

July 29, 2008 Zainab Bawa 1

Michael Goldman, professor of Sociology and Global Studies at the University of Minnesota, USA, is currently in Bangalore researching transformations of land, government and citizenship. A report from his recent talk.



Tangled in litigation, Metro work slows

April 7, 2008 Zainab Bawa 1

On March 28, Chief Justice Cyriac Joseph admitted a PIL against the Metro on grounds of absence of a comprehensive legislation for its implementation. The CMH Road traders’ association filed the PIL.