How ruthless paperwork pushes patriarchy

March 7, 2013 Siri Srinivas 6

“Your baby was born after you were married, no?” Sapna Prabhakaran, a Marketing professional, was asked when she went to her get her child’s birth certificate. On Women’s Day, a young Bangalorean woman reflects on how outdated this country’s forms are.


Arts and Culture

Don’t be afraid of Bangalore Literary Fest

November 29, 2012 Siri Srinivas 0

Like a young debutante in the midst of a congregation of greying beauty queens, the Bangalore Literature Festival has to appease both its enthusiastic audience and those bemoaning the tamasha-fication of the treasured refuge of introverts.



Word Warriors come to Bengaluru

January 23, 2011 Siri Srinivas 1

Scrabble is not just a board game for a lazy afternoon. It is a serious competitive mind sport. Bangalore Scrabble Club recently brought an international tournament to the city.


Arts and Culture

Making clay Ganeshas and yummy kadubus

September 8, 2010 Siri Srinivas 0

Bangalore-based NGO Environment Support Group recently conducted a workshop for children to teach them about the significance of festivals and rituals, make clay ganeshas, all through environment-friendly means.