Bengaluru Matters Radio Show – Episode 25

This week we bring to you the debate that’s happening on Hindi imposition in Metro and the language policy that the state has, we also talk to a lake activist, Anand Yadawad, to understand what it takes to rejuvenate a lake in an area that is in the outskirts of the city and a update on the ‘Kere Habba’ at Bellandur lake this Saturday. »


Bengaluru Matters Radio Show – Episode 24

This week we bring to you Dr Sylvia Karpagam a doctor working on public health issues, listen to her speak about the new amendments proposed in health sector by the Karnataka government and Nalini Shekhar, founder of Hasiru Dala, who talks about how the newly introduced Goods and Services Tax (GST) has affected the economy of recycling. »


Bengaluru Matters Radio Show – Episode 23

This week we bring to you two important issues in Bengaluru. One is the sorry state in which low-income people evicted in 2013 from the old EWS quarters in Ejipura continue to live. Another story is about voter registrations in Bengaluru and the anomalies that one can find in the registrations. »

Cultural Organisations

This queer festival breaks stereotypes

Queer Arts Movement India (QAMI) is four years old and the event’s theme this year is ‘One Love’. QAMI aims to provide a space for non-judgemental inclusion and acceptance of all marginalised communities. Having started »


A potter finds herself

Cynthia dabbles mainly in stoneware pottery and has explored many forms, from accessories, decorative pieces to functional pottery. Over two decades, she has been learning and discovering more about the medium and herself too. In »


Bengaluru Matters Radio Show – Episode 22

This week’s Bengaluru Matters radio show will let the listeners know more about what is happening with two important issues. One is the intensified demand for commuter rail in the city and the other is the debate over Goods and Services Tax on sanitary pads and eco-friendly alternatives.