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  1. @ Mr.PG Bhat – Congratulations on your investigative report on Voter IDs. Way back in 2005, at the time of General Elections, the Electoral Rolls have been dubbed as the MOTHER OF ALL FRAUDS, by the Media. Unfortunately, EC efforts to have clean/perfect electoral rolls does not appear to be sufficient and ground reality is totally different. EC has to depend on staff deputed for processing applications, depend upon outsourced IT outfits for feeding of data, preparation of EPICs and then again depend upon Revenue/corporation officials for delivering the EPICs to voters. A classic example how scrappy this Voger ID system works was reported in the Media, a few months ago in Mysore – More than a thousand EPICs were found dumped in a garbage bin after the 2013 Assembly elections. DC, Mysore visited the spot, recovered the EPICs from the garbage bin and then what action was taken was not reported. India is governed by a flawed democracy and there is an urgent need for ushering in Electoral Reforms, introduce Aadhaar based Online Voting System for enabling voters to exercise their franchise from where they are instead of undergoing the pain of transpositioning their Voter IDs to places where they are residing. Another tragedy, particularly in Mysore is the total apathy of ‘So Called Indians’ from outside who have made Bangalore as their home and hearth but have not bothered to get their voting rights transferred to places where they are staying. As Convenor of Voters Awareness Movement, I have conducted any number of workshops for egging people to vote particularly the youngsters at Undergraduate level and find that they are least bothered to get their names registered as voters. Also conducted a number of PPT based “Role of Youth in Good Governance’ theme and was able to get thousands of First Grade College students in Mysore enrolled as voters with the help of District Election Officers. This is on official record and has been appreciated. Similar awareness programs have to be conducted on a crash basis to rope in as many youths as possible before the General Elections of 2014. (Mobile: 9845950440)

  2. Least is cared while preparing the voters list but maximum interests are taken to fetch voters to the booths

  3. 1. Alok Shukla is Deputy Election Commissioner, and not CEO of Delhi. I have given feedback to CEO Delhi as well as to ECI.
    2. Electoral rolls of Delhi have improved in quality in from Jan to Jul to Sep. The Addl CEO has promised better final rolls before the elections. I would analyse them when published and give feedback and offer help.

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