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    Recently there was a big fanfare announcement about the FOOD bill in the dailies, where it was clearly mentioned that, it was just IMPLEMENTING rules framed during 50s & 60s. So was the rules made only on paper and had not been implemented since then ?

    Similarly, instead of bringing about AKRAMA-SAKRAMA, let the government implement the rules that are existing and take action according to it on those responsible. It is the RICH circle that BUY law for a price under the table and now trying to get even with it by paying a price OVER the table.

    AKRAMA-SAKRAMA is a decease that kills the society with POOR ventilation, accessibility, amenities etc., etc.

    It has to be opposed to the BOTTOM and STRICT action enforced against all those who have ERRED.

  2. It appears that the Akrama Sakrama Bill is incomplete in several respects and will only benefit the corrupt. The officials and Builders responsible for violating the rules will escape punishment. Even while the Akrama sakrama bill is being discussed, several new constructions violating the norms are being given Katha. In both old and NewThippasandra , several cross roads and main roads had disappeared with buildings and dead-ends coming up in their place. More than 80% of constructions in Bangalore had 100% violations or more. Hence neither regularisation nor breaking them down is possible without a long drawn legal battle in court.
    Due to political interference in the past 60 years, most of the Town/City/Metro planning departments in all parts of India, had become dis-functional and violations had become the norm with political involvement.
    Cities like NewYork, Singapore, kuala Lumpur took up the work of redesigning and reconstructing the entire city, section by section after tearing down the old structure and relaying the new in their place. Unless such bold action leading to total reconstruction work, free of political interference, is possible, no relief from either corruption or violation is possible.

  3. The original Akrama Sakrama was to legalize illegal layouts and by that lakhs of those who bought plots/ sites from their hard earned money would have saved their money
    But , now the illegal constructions have completely overshadowed the original problem of illegal layouts and the objections raised seem to be affecting the original solution
    Let those who wish to oppose illegal constructions be aware that their movement now will affect lakhs who have locked in plots in illegal layouts
    Let the movement be separate for illegal constructions and please DO NOT MIX UP BOTH and putti jeopardy the life’s of the gullible public who fell for plots/ sites in illegal layouts
    K N Ramachander Sastry

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