A feast for the eyes: Lalbagh Flower Show

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The Lalbagh Flower Show in Bengaluru needs no introduction really, but the January 2014 edition of the show is rather special. The flower show, currently in its 199th edition, is just one short of completing its bicentennial. That’s not all; this edition also marks the 50th year of the Horticulture Department.

Over 200 varieties of flowers and vegetables are on display. The showcase also features huge floral structures in the shape of mushrooms, bananas, coconuts and more. With props that act as the eyes and lips, these structures make for a quirky spectacle. There is also a huge 18 foot floral pillar on display.

Inaugurated on 17th January, the Lalbagh Flower Show will be open up to 26th January, from 9 am to 6 pm. The tickets are priced at Rs 10 for children and at Rs 40 and Rs 50 for adults, on weekdays and holidays respectively. The Lalbagh Flower Show is a must do trip for everybody.

View pictures of the Flower Show here. Photo credits: S Srinivasan.












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