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  1. Companies like Infosys take a lot of land. Where do rest of Indians go? nowhere. Re hawkers, they come to Jaynagar to make a living. They can’t afford shops, have no land, jobs or food. Create a farmers market with 5% of the profits as payment and in return provide safe tent area, citizen’s parking.Re toilets in Malleshwaram people pee outside the toilet wall. Employ a person for upkeep and collect Rs 1 for Indian style and 5 for western to monitor the toilet (not the municipality).Many Indian men are not potty trained yet. Every mall, market, restaurant should have free safe clean women’s and men’s separate toilets. Every service cant be resourced and managed by the government as India has only 10% of its citizens who pay tax. They are carrying 20% of employed and 70% of poor. Western countries have citizens who pay taxes and work voluntarily in hospital, church, bus, trains, and streets to keep clean. In Australia we have voluntary lolypop people who stand with a stop/go sign allow children and elderly to cross every 20 -30 mins. Try crossing on Malleshwaram Sampige road. Why don’t retired people with the local police station offer this service just for an 1-2 hours. Taxes are not enough to pay for the services you demand. Get corporations to become socially responsible and stop acquiring so much of land. Why does not Infosys and Wipro create housing estates & schools on their land? Re garbage give households 300L bin for recycling, 200 Lt bin for general waste and charge them Rs. 150 each year. This will wake them up to collect and dump rubbish. In slums pay people on weight basis to come and dump rubbish, cans and bottles to a nearby central point. You will see how rubbish will disappear. These are not complicated ideas and can be implemented by the citizens groups. I am willing to help any citizens group to implement lots of ideas which work in the west through volunteering ideas and my time via e-mails as I don’t live in India.

  2. I was deeply wounded when I saw the tree felling in the entire stretch starting from Anand rao circle (Race Course Road towards Maharain’s Women’s College up to KR Circle and Engineering College. More 1500 trees are cut in the name of road extension and infrastructure building. I am a product of Maharani’s Women college for 5 beautiful years. The entire stretch infront of Maharani’s is rich canopy of trees nearly more than 150 years old. Now the same stretch is looks like a barren land with concrete structures and poles. Please do something to prevent this tree felling in Bangalore. Bangalore is no more a ‘Garden City’. Now bangaloeans are moving away from the city in search of green pastures and cool places during vacations. This nasty bureaucrats without accountable to bangaloreans they are indiscriminately killing the trees. This has to be stopped at any cost and cannot be allowed to continue any further. Otherwise we’ll be the loosers at the cost of Concrete Structures and raising temperature.


  3. Last week I complained about the problem of open urinal om the surropundings of THIMMESH PRABHU PARK in Hanumanthnagar, as the NIRMALA toilet donated by INFOSYS could not be maintained by the Municipal Corporation. Perhaps my complaint had the dsired effect some work is commenced. It is very necessary to complain when need exists.
    B S Ganesh, ganshar@dataone.in
    70/9 Basappa Layout, Hanumanthnagar,
    BANGALORE 560 019

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