Narrow avenue, broader minds

After looking at the building and imagining how life must have been, Dilip Shah showed us the interior of another shop, where the owners used to live until two years ago. It was wonderful to see the very unusual bamboo ceiling of this shop, on which the whole first floor rested.

Harihai's shop

The participants of the walk found that many of the shops and businesses on this thoroughfare date back even further than some of the buildings. Here’s one business, established 104 years ago:

shop estb 140 years ago

As the walk came to an end, we were left asking ourselves one question. At what cost are we progressing and where are we headed?

The only statement which comes to my mind was what a member of the group said, "When we are cutting down trees, demolishing houses and structures and uprooting families, all in the name of development, we, of course, lose a part of history, a part of nature… but more importantly what we lose is a part of ourselves which can never be recovered".

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  1. Avenue road etc could have been preserved as malls -no vehicles. After all there are broader roads today from market to Mysore bank Area. That area (+/- 2 kms from Doddpet circle) is the real INNER CITY of Bangalore. That is where BANGALORE WAS ! 4 decades ago it was the only place in whole of Bangalore where you could buy higher class text books. For eg. we would go to D.N.Krishnaiah Shetty book depot. This was long before Gangaram, Sapna etc. Beginning of the road near Market had these huge bakeries (Bhoja ?) which would make bread for all the hospitals.It was also the place for the early jewelers of the city. Thanks for a lively article.

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