Step by step guide to paying property tax

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Here below is the simple, safe and sure declaration of paying property tax.


1. Purchase an application at the area Revenue office, priced at Rs.5/- one each for different properties (In case of more properties – one for each corporation number)

2. Purchase one Hand Book priced at Rs.20/-

3. Demand an Appendix to hand book (Zone Classifications) of your area.

4. Go through the same calmly and understand the columns.

5. Measure your property in British system (Feet / Inches) – Note down the dimensions.

6. Differentiate the area as per year of construction, if constructed at different periods.

7. Differentiate the area as per the usage – Residential / Non-residential etc. as well as Owner Occupied / Tenanted.

8. Keep your old receipt handy.

9. Keep the copy of the SAS filed in the year 2000 or later. (Do not bother if not available) – You will not be able to claim cap facility without this.

Steps 5 to 7 may be got done by an architect / draftsman if necessary. (The Plan / Sketch will be useful for all future references)

10. Start filling the form as below:

  • Year of Assessment : 2008-09
  • PID No.: Refer to your old receipt and copy the same. The no. will be in three parts e.g. XX-XX-XXX.
  • Personal details of name, occupation, age, et cetera to be filled.
  • Address of the property as per the previous receipt.
  • Postal address for correspondence, if different.
  • Zonal Classifications – Refer to the Appendix bought and fill column 5.
  • Tick the appropriate boxes in column 6a.
  • Write the total area of Site and Built up areas as per your calculations OR given by architect / draftsman.
  • Fill the number corresponding to the type of building as per construction & usage of classification – Residential & Non-residential (Category I to V for Residential and VI to XVIII for Non-residential)
  • Fill in column 8 as per the assessment submitted in the year 2000 OR later (Leave it blank if not available) and the tax paid for the year 2007-08 in split form and the receipt no. in the appropriate column.
  • Calculate the values and fill in column 10 & 11 as applicable. (Calculate depreciation for the completed years as on April 2008 for different portions constructed at different periods as per table given on page no.18 of the booklet)
  • Complete the computation table by calculating 5% rebate if paid in full before 31st March 2009.
  • Prepare / arrange payment and fill in particulars of payment on page 6 of application, affix signature and date.
  • Get the complete application photo-copied and preserve the copy in your file for future reference.
  • Fill both the acknowledgements on pages 7 & 8 of the application before submitting and collect the acknowledgement of page 8 (Containing the application no.) duly signed by the officer receiving the application along with payment.
  • Keep the acknowledgement safe till you receive the PROPER RECEIPT for your payment, then file the same for your record along with the copy of the application.

10% of the applications will be scrutinized and who knows, yours may be one among them! Hence, keep all the documents handy including your calculation sheet for future reference and file your objections if need be at the time of inspection.

In case of inspection by the officers, please sign the check list in form VIII after getting full clarification to the observations made by the officer and in case of non-satisfactory clarification, sign the form with an endorsement to the same effect. It may be signed EITHER by the owner himself OR by the person occupying the premises.


  1. On 06/04/2017 my property tax was paid online under 2017-18 Application No 1600021510. My Base Application No for 200809 is 2081801. Inadvertently Tax amount of Rs 9,461.30 calculated as Tax is twice the amount of which I was liable to pay. The error is due to addition of the entire 1,400 S.ft of built up area, instead of a small correction. Subsequently I came to know that there is no option of updation in the system and only additions if any are allowed. This creates a lot of problems for genuine tax payers. I am a 67 years old Senior Citizen, and would like to suggest to BBMP that there should be an option of correction for errors committed by mistake also instead of approaching the area ARO of BBMP. Corrections need not be allowed if the amount of tax arrived is below the area declared under SAS 2008-09.
    Please provide solutions for this type of problems. Re submission of corrected returns on line should be made available. Please answer

  2. Dear Mr. Prakash,
    My question is regarding free-parking area in my non-residential building, whether it should be charged at 50% or 25% of U.A.V. If it is 25%, form when was this rate effective? Can I claim refund since I have paid at 50% since 2008-09. Thanks for your help in advance.

  3. Good evening,
    I would like to know how could we file the rectified property tax, our is a residential property with apartment. There are few corrections to be done in assessment in accordance with deviation and we would like to do it in akrama sakrama scheme.
    Kindly help me with the link on how do I go about the assessment. Thanks in advance.

  4. Hi I have a flat in hoskerehalli for which I have filled in the online form for paying property tax and submitted. While it was in payment stage I realised that the sqft area of my flat I have filled in the form is incorrect. Now that I am trying to edit the form it says it’s in payment stage already & cannot be edited. Is there any way that the online form can be modified & re-submitted.

  5. Hello Experts, I was trying to pay my Property Tax for a property in Bangalore Area. But no luck yet. guy who was suppose to help just gave me the B Khatha document Extract. I dont have any idea on how to view the details online or Pay the Tax. Any idea will help me a lot.

  6. Hello Sir
    I Purchased flat in 2013 and registered but was ready to occupy in 2014. till date no tax paid as we were told it can be done only after khata transfer. recently by farming an association we approached to get khatha as builder was not responding for our problems. we learnt that we cannot get khatha as construction deviations are more than permissible so, we can get only B Khatha( we do not know credibility of B Khatha) and to get B Khatha we need to pay tax till date. our taxes are due and we have to pay penalty/Interest for the dues.
    We have some doubts..
    1. when apartment was not ready to occupy how tax becomes due?
    2. If at all need to pay, since when it is to pay?
    3. Will Self Assessment Scheme helps to declare and pay tax from 2015-16?
    please guide us

  7. Dear Prakash,

    I reside overseas and I made a mistake of building a house in Arakere Layout. I am at a loss as to paying property tax. I believe the tax was not paid since 3 years or so as my builder said that he will take care of it but never did. It is hard to communicate with anyone in the office there and being so far away, I am totally handicapped. Can you please show me what I need to do to pay tax for the last 3 years? I believe my building do not have Katha A, which makes it hard to pay tax online? Are there any agencies or person who can give me this service for a charge ?


  8. Mahesh T.C.
    Mr.Prakash, good morning
    I have read your guidance its coming very well, i want to know how to calculate tax for the STARE-CASE built up area in multistory commercial building , how should we calculate, is this comes under owner occupied area OR tented occupied area,

  9. D R Prakash
    good evening

    2006-07 and 2007-08 i need to know how much tax i need to pay area is 1646 sft and car parking area is 150 sft, in jeevanbhima nagar Aro office area prior to 2008, 5% tax is payable but property tax how much it will be because there are different amounts were demanded.

  10. Hi… I have paid property tax 2014-15 after that i have changed my car parking from open to slit parking… due to car parking any changes is there in my property tax for 2015-16


  11. Hi Prakash,

    Can you please guide me how to pay the property tax for the apartment I bought in Suncity,Sarjapur road in 2004 ? The khata transfer was done in 2007 but I have never paid property tax.

    Manish M

  12. Dear Mr.Prakash,

    I purchased a B Khata flat in Gottigere in Sep-2010, i have not paid property tax till now.
    Please guide me on how to pay the backlog tax including this financial year. Also i need your suggestion to change the name in Khata and EB bill.

    Thanks & regards,


  13. Dear Sir,
    I had submitted the form properly for computerization but they have made mistake while entering the details in system. I paid the tax for 2010-11 for full year last time and later came to know in printed receipt everything was wrong including PID number but only name is rite.The details in acknowledgement which i received for submitting the form is rite but in system it is wrong.So i dint pay the property tax for this year still. So what can i do and how to get the details to be changed in system. Kindly guide me. We have shown the last year receipt to BBMP office immediately stating that all the details are wrong. So the reply from them for that is They have edited it manually i.e. in writing and later signed on it but in system it remains same. So kindly guide me what to do next.

    Vishwanath K.P

  14. Dear Animesh,

    I am sorry, not in a position to clarify you quarry, due to the absence of complete details. Which year tax you have to pay? upto what period has it been paid? Is is a residential site? Is it on Green Belt? Has it been converted? Has betterment charges paid? etc., etc.

    As far as your doubt to pay on line, yes it is possible if your property comes under BBMP and the tax till last year is paid and is updated on the system. If not only physical payment has to be made.

    For any clear clarification, full details are a must. Otherwise only an outline clarification can be given.

    06 11 11.

  15. Feedback from Animesh (

    On article: Step by step guide to paying property tax

    Hello Mr Prakash, I need some guidance on paying land tax. My land is in south bangalore (beyond chandapura circle). What is the process to pay the land tax? I am not residing in bangalore currently. Is there a way to pay the bill online? I hope i didn’t bother you. Thanks in advance, Animesh.

  16. Dear Sriyuths Jayakumar K P, Durai, Manjunatha K & vswami,

    I am sorry not to attend to your doubts in time due to technical error of not reaching me.

    By now, I hope you would have got solutions / clarifications for your queries. If not please feel free to write up again with a copy to my ID for a quick action.

    Once again please accept my apologies for situation beyond my control.

    Thankyou all,

  17. Points @M Ramachandran
    In my view, firstly it requires to be examined and ascertained whether it should be an association properly/strictly registered in accordance with the Apartment Act, so as to be regarded a ‘legal entity’ and also act in its own name in respect of the ‘common areas’.
    On another point of doubt re SWMC Cess, as raised by me, see my recent Post @Common Floor.

  18. Dear Mr. Prakash,

    We bought a Flat in Uttarahalli area. Registration was done in Sep-2009. The builder / Land Owner had paid the taxes for 2009-10 for the land since the construction was still going on. Now when we are trying to pay the tax for 2010-11 BBMP official said, tax cannot be taken in individual flat nos. since there is a blocking period of three years 2008-09 to 2010-11. The online system doesn’t accept the individual flat taxes. when we requested them to take the tax manually they said manual collection is also not possible. Can you please guide us what to do?

  19. Dear Mr. Prakash,

    Thanks for your contribution. It is really helpful. I have following issue. Could you please help me?

    I have bought & registered a flat during Mar 2010 in Singasandra (Zone F) and forget to pay the property tax for the financial year 2010-11. When I approached BBMP to pay it now, they told I need to pay property tax difference for FY2008-09 & FY2009-10 also as the construction was going on and the builder paid property tax for vacant site only. BBMP has shown following calculation

    (1550 Sq.ft * 10 * 0.12)* 20% = 372 + 89(24% cess) = 461 + 213(penalty) + 100 (late fee) = 773.00

    461 + 167(penalty) + 100(late fee) = 728.00

    it is true, if it is, should I pay those years as I was not owner of my property?


  20. Dear Sir,

    I bought a flat in November 2009 which is under BBMP and the builder has paid the Property Tax only till 2008-2009 [only recently]. I have not paid the Property Tax till date and want to pay the same as soon as possible.

    Need your advise where to approach and what are the forms to be filled-in. Will they accept the delayed Property Tax or not?

  21. Dear Sriyuths Hari, R.Ramamurthy & Renju,

    Sorry for the inadvertent delay in replying to your queries, the reason being laid-up in bed due to a road accident since 27th May ’10 and delay in recovery as well as some technical problem in the system, could not address you.

    If your doubts are not cleared / steps not taken, and need clarifications, please feel-free to approach with a request to send a copy to my mail ID for an early response.

  22. Sir,
    I am planning to do the registration of a resale property this week. There is difference in agreed sale price and loan amount dispersed by bank. So I dont want to mention the cheque number given by bank in the sale deed, is it legally OK?

  23. I have paidBBMP property tax for 2010-11 twice through Credit Cards as the online
    payment service was not properly responding.How to claim the refund Please

  24. Sir,

    Thank you for your efforts. I currently own an apartment in bangalore which i purchased during 2005. i have transferred khatha to my name but have not paid property tax for all these years.. can i pay property tax now for all years starting from 2005 till this year. If there is a penalty for nonpayment of property tax, how much will it be. i mainly wanted to know whether can i pay tax from 2005 now. Because, i am keen in making this payment uptodate.

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