Step by step guide to paying property tax

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Here below is the simple, safe and sure declaration of paying property tax.


1. Purchase an application at the area Revenue office, priced at Rs.5/- one each for different properties (In case of more properties – one for each corporation number)

2. Purchase one Hand Book priced at Rs.20/-

3. Demand an Appendix to hand book (Zone Classifications) of your area.

4. Go through the same calmly and understand the columns.

5. Measure your property in British system (Feet / Inches) – Note down the dimensions.

6. Differentiate the area as per year of construction, if constructed at different periods.

7. Differentiate the area as per the usage – Residential / Non-residential etc. as well as Owner Occupied / Tenanted.

8. Keep your old receipt handy.

9. Keep the copy of the SAS filed in the year 2000 or later. (Do not bother if not available) – You will not be able to claim cap facility without this.

Steps 5 to 7 may be got done by an architect / draftsman if necessary. (The Plan / Sketch will be useful for all future references)

10. Start filling the form as below:

  • Year of Assessment : 2008-09
  • PID No.: Refer to your old receipt and copy the same. The no. will be in three parts e.g. XX-XX-XXX.
  • Personal details of name, occupation, age, et cetera to be filled.
  • Address of the property as per the previous receipt.
  • Postal address for correspondence, if different.
  • Zonal Classifications – Refer to the Appendix bought and fill column 5.
  • Tick the appropriate boxes in column 6a.
  • Write the total area of Site and Built up areas as per your calculations OR given by architect / draftsman.
  • Fill the number corresponding to the type of building as per construction & usage of classification – Residential & Non-residential (Category I to V for Residential and VI to XVIII for Non-residential)
  • Fill in column 8 as per the assessment submitted in the year 2000 OR later (Leave it blank if not available) and the tax paid for the year 2007-08 in split form and the receipt no. in the appropriate column.
  • Calculate the values and fill in column 10 & 11 as applicable. (Calculate depreciation for the completed years as on April 2008 for different portions constructed at different periods as per table given on page no.18 of the booklet)
  • Complete the computation table by calculating 5% rebate if paid in full before 31st March 2009.
  • Prepare / arrange payment and fill in particulars of payment on page 6 of application, affix signature and date.
  • Get the complete application photo-copied and preserve the copy in your file for future reference.
  • Fill both the acknowledgements on pages 7 & 8 of the application before submitting and collect the acknowledgement of page 8 (Containing the application no.) duly signed by the officer receiving the application along with payment.
  • Keep the acknowledgement safe till you receive the PROPER RECEIPT for your payment, then file the same for your record along with the copy of the application.

10% of the applications will be scrutinized and who knows, yours may be one among them! Hence, keep all the documents handy including your calculation sheet for future reference and file your objections if need be at the time of inspection.

In case of inspection by the officers, please sign the check list in form VIII after getting full clarification to the observations made by the officer and in case of non-satisfactory clarification, sign the form with an endorsement to the same effect. It may be signed EITHER by the owner himself OR by the person occupying the premises.


  1. Mr.Nishan Desai,

    Sorry for the delay in answering your query, which is due to a technical error, which didnt enable me to get your posting. Please accept our humble apologies for the same.

    By now you might OR might not have paid your tax. If not paid, here is the correct steps for the same.

    You have to fill the form V for the second half of 2009-10 and pay the tax accordingly less the paid tax for the land for the given period.

    For the year 2010-11, you have to fill form IV and pay the appropriate tax.

    Regarding the zone of your property, please get a copy from the concerned area office OR log on to and select zones to find out your appropriate zone.

  2. Dear Mr.Veer,

    There is no problem for paying tax for a different zone, that too with a higher tax. During the given block period, you can submit a revised return and claim back the difference which can be adjusted with the current payment.

    For this, you have to submit revised returns for both the FYs 08-09 & 09-10, by clearly furnishing the receipt nos. and date of payment in the respective column, the excess amount that is to be claimed and enclosing the copies of the same for the perusal of BBMP authorities.

    Still in case your payment is excess, you need not pay any tax for the current year, but fill in the columns where your credit balance is still available to be adjusted for the next year.

  3. Dear Mr.Naren,

    First I would like to know whether they have issued a manual receipt OR a compute receipt. If it is a manual receipt, then it is an indication that, your property details have not been uploaded and you have to make a direct payment at the designated office. If you are issued a computer receipt, go over to and click the year 2008-09 and a window will pop-up requesting you to fill in application OR PID no. You fill in the application no. and proceed further as instructed.

    Hope this will enable you to make the payment on-line.


    21 04 10.

  4. Dear Mr. Prakash,

    For 2008-09, I filed the property tax under a different zone (C) and now I’ve relalized that my property is under E. I have verified that the property has been under Zone E even in 2008. I have done the same for 2009-10. In this case, is it possible to re-file it for 2008 & 2009 ? If not, can I change it at least for 2010-2011 ?

  5. Hi Prakash,
    Your article is indeed very informative and subsequent QA discussions have solved significant doubts but still I have some 🙂
    I purchased an apt(ready to move) in 2009 and my registration took place in mid-november. Builder has already paid the land tax for 2008-2009 & 2009-2010.
    Do I need to pay my Individual Tax for Year 2009-2010? Would it be for full year or pro-rated based on the Sale Deed?
    Which form do I need to fill for the first time? I assume my apartment lies in zone F.


  6. Dear Mr.Madhu Yadav,
    Please go carefully on the instructions on the site, where it says
    For a defaulter, online will not work and you have to manually file the returns and submit it at your designated help center.

  7. Dear Mr.Sumeet,
    PID nos. have been alloted during the years 2003-04 and all your receipts will bear it since then. Please refer to your old receipts upto where you have paid.
    In case you do not have it there, please forward your full address of the property to enable me to guide as to where and how you can get the same. Even you can ask your tenant to get in touch with us for the help directly.

  8. Dear Mr.Venkata Ramarao K,
    IT does not matter whether the KATHA is in your name OR in others. You have to pay the tax for the building and not for the name. Hence you should pay the property tax.
    You have mentioned that the apartment got completed in the year 2007 itself and the tax has been paid only for the site for the referred period. Can you be more clear as to when in 2007 the structure got completed as to derive whether you should pay the building tax for full OR half year.
    Now that Khathas are being issued, you can apply for the same and get it transferred to your name.

  9. Thanks very much for this article. it really helps…
    Also not sure if someone has already faced this problem.
    This link mentions that ‘If the property tax return for the previous year has not been filed, property tax for the current year shall be accompanied with the return and dues for, if any for the previous years.’
    but I am not able to proceed on this page since I haven’t paid 2008-09 tax and hence dont have the application no.

    My mail to the helpline didn’t get any response 🙁
    can someone help?

  10. Hi,

    I am currently out of bangalore and trying to apply for the property tax through my tenant.He is requiring Property ID for submitting the tax. I am not sure where I can locate the property ID ? Last property tax was submitted in 2005-2006 and does not a property ID.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated.


    Work – 562-593-5144

    Cell – 424-205-0390

  11. Hi Prakahs,
    in my previous comment, there is a correction, we have not done the khatha yet.
    How to pay the property tax without having katha on our name. And even the previous property tax payment was done for the site not for the apartment.

  12. Hi Prakash,
    I owned a flat in year 2007, and builder has paid the property tax till 2007 for the land (not for the apartment). and the apartment is finished in 2007 itself. Now till now we have done the khatha (as builder has not finished completely). Now if i want to pay the property tax, how should i pay?.

  13. Dear Property Owners,
    Dont worry if you have missed the bus to pay your property tax for the year 2008-09 before 31st March to avail the REBATE of 5%. You still have time upto 30th April to pay your taxes without penalty.
    It is the other fact that you have to gearup to pay the tax for the year 2009-10 from June, which just leaves hardly TWO months.

  14. Annexture to the above –
    For properties that have only Khatha no. (No PID #) issued by any of the authority, needs to use Form II (Pink). These properties are mainly from the erstwhile CMC / TMC and the 110 villages that have been included / merged under BBMP.
    For properties having PID no. Form I (White) is the correct form to be filled in.

  15. Mr.Manju & Aravind,
    To answer your questions in particular, one has to examine your documents as to its issuing authority, the genuineness of the documents etc.,etc.
    What clarifications are given here are in general cases only. The following are the parameters as applicable :
    The Green Form (Form III) is for properties that are unauthorised / unlawful and built without the sanctioning from the local planning authorities. These neither have a PID # nor a Khatha.
    The areas included under the new BBMP area has passed the route from Village panchayats (VP) to City Municipal Council (CMC) and then to BBMP during various periods.
    Khatas genuinely issued by at any stage can have the chances of getting changed due to the reason of its transforming from stage to stage.
    Many CMC offices have been converted to BBMP offices and hence the location depends on it.
    Khata can be changed / obtained as and when the corporation revokes its issuance and at present it is suspended due to the mass malpractices involved in its issuance and also to get the records updated from the previous stage and converted into E-Form (Computerisation)

  16. Dear Prakash,

    One more doubt. I have mentioned my Khata number as per the records I have in my property, while filling the 2008-09 SAS. While i paid the tax for 2006-07 and the land tax before to that, I was filling the same Khata number. However, today I went and asked the BBMP officials for the 2007-08 and with great difficulty, finally they have told me that the amount i need to pay is 2803 and i have given the check for the same. But, in the receipt that they have given, they mentioned a different Khata number (but the house number they mentioned correctly). When I went back and asked them, it does not matter, as long as the house number is correct. When I asked them why they have changed it, they opened a register and showed my house property against this new Khata number. He said, Khata number changes frequently. When I asked for the reason, he did not respond and got himself busy in helping some other person.

    Could you please let me know if this Khata number changes. I did not get any notification for the same. In case it changes, how can I get the new Khata number document?

    Thanks for any of your clarification here and thanks once again for the previous answers.


  17. Dear Sir,

    Thanks a lot for clarification.

    My land was a agricultural land and the developer had converted the land to layout before selling it to me.

    (1)You have told that “the green form represents the properties that have no Khatha numbers and you are liable to pay the tax”,
    Does this mean that my land do not have a khata # at all or its there in developers name and it should be transferred to my name?

    (2)Is the given green form is only to pay the tax? If yes, how and when can I get the khata number to my land?

    (3)Can I pay last year tax at the local BBMP office(Local BBMP Office located near by to my land) itself or should I go to the
    Rajarajeshwari Nagar Muncipality Office.
    For the year 2002-2007, I have the receipts for the tax paid by the layout developer and the receipt is from

    Thanks Again, for clarifying my queries quickly.


  18. Hello Mr. Prakash,

    Thanks a lot for the clarification. In the meanwhile, can you also please suggest me where I need to pay the tax for the year 2007-08? Is it in the same help centers where we made the payment for the year 2008-09?

    Thanks once again,


  19. Mr.Aravind,
    You have failed to mention as to what type of land you have purchased. In its absence, as an outline reply, the green form represents the properties that have no Khatha numbers and you are liable to pay the tax. The present system is ‘SELF ASSESSMENT’ means, declare personally. This is a new concept adopted to start recognising unofficially made transfers.
    Government keeps on encouraging “AVOID MIDDLEMEN” – ADOPT IT.
    Regarding your second question, there is no authorised way to get Khatha done, when it is officially suspended due to the malpractices involved and the officials making “ILLEGAL MONEY” and finally putting the owners at great inconvenience due to their ignorance and easy spending in the form of “CORRUPTION”, as earnings have become easy nowadays.

  20. Dear Sir,

    I had purchased a vacant land in 2007.

    When the land owner had handed over the documents to me, he had paid the tax till 2007. After that i havent paid any tax.
    Hence last week i went to Local BBMP Office, when i showed them my sale deed , he gave me green color form
    and he said I cannot get the khata transfered now(Government has not yet given go-ahead approval for transferring khata in our area).

    So, I asked one of the person who helps others in getting khata transfered regarding my case, He said, “Its not urgent to pay the tax for me, as its not yet added in BBMP Liast, i can pay
    it while getting the khata transferred.”

    Now I have few questions,
    (1) What does that green form mean ? Does that mean my site is not yet added under BBMP Residential List, If yes, should i do something to make that get added?
    (2) Is there any way to get the khata transfered immediately now?

    Please send me your opinion on this case.

    Thanks in Advance,


  21. Mr.Ramesh Swamy,
    As an outline answer for your question, YES, there is. It has got certain conditions such as registration under charitable institutions, Income tax exemptions, Ownership of property etc.,etc. With all such documental support, you have to apply to the Commissioner, BBMP for exemption and on approval, your property will get the benefit.
    Either for full details / services (Honorary), you may contact me directly.

  22. Dear Mr.Prakash,

    We are running a Trust and Our building of nearly 22000 sqft near NGEF Factory is used for training purpose.Its a vocational training institute for the underprivileged and the entire training is offered free in addition to food,bus pass,materials and a job on completion of the course.Is there any special rate applicable in such cases?


    ramesh swamy
    98440 85864

  23. Mr.Manju,
    Till the year 2007-08, SAS was optional and only from the year 2008-09 is being made mandatory. Mostly your property would have been assessed by the authorities then, which you may recollect as to whether you signed any forms almost similar to the ones for the year 2008-09 OR not. Anyway the assessed tax is Rs.1900/- and as per records that will be the due and just clear it with penalty as per norms. As regards the guidelines of 2000, many owners will have the book (It was a hand book with an application-Hence people had to buy multiple books) and you may go through the same, just for your consolation.

  24. Hello Mr. Prakash,

    Thanks a lot for the clarification. In fact the area belongs to F zone now and earlier it was in E zone.
    I have one other question. In the year 2006-07, I went with a broker for filing the tax. I have the tax paid receipt; but I do not have the copy of the form that he filled. My house constructed area is 1367 sq ft., for which he paid Rs. 1900 as tax in 2006-07. However in UAV this year, I paid 3125 as tax. I am just wondering if the tax whatever he has given for the year 2006-07 is genuine or based on some wrong calculations… Is there any standard templates or examples that I can get somewhere for filling the tax for 2007-08 (any sample forms which uses SAS2000)?

    Thanks once again, for your kind help and info.


  25. Mr.Manju,
    You have failed to mention as to any changes of your area during the said period and hence I assume that there are no changes and the procedure is simple. The quantum of tax paid for the year 06-07 holds good for the subsequent years till 2008-09, where the taxation system has changed and you dont need to to fill any forms for those periods.

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