1. Hi,

    The Nagavarapalya main road with in the C.V Raman Nagar area always has a traffic jam. Early mornings when I step out of the house to work, as a pedestrain I dont find place to walk neither on the foot path nor on the road. Their are these laborers with all their trucks parked on one side of the road to pick up people to various places. The other side of the road is blocked by the BWSSB lorries who come to clear the garbage dumped on the roads. The road is extremely small with all the school buses, cars, and every vehicle using this particular road. Every morning the road is in a chaos with the pedestrains bearing all the brunt.

    First suggestion: Could you please ask the BWSSB lorries to come during nights (around 11 in the night or early morning before 6) for the garbage clearance. This will bring down the traffic atleast by 10% on the road.
    Second suggestion: Is their something that can be done about the trucks and tempos parked by laborers on the roads.


  2. This is my voice to the Government of India and also to all other Government bodies involved in creating damages to the public and private properties.

    I have been paying tax as a loyal citizen of our Country, but where is all the money going?

    Despite of paying these taxes like sales tax, service tax, revenue tax, income tax, professional tax and what not taxes, still we lack with the infrastructure in our neighborhoods.

    Morning when I wake up I see lots of unclean waste lying in from of my house, despite the Municipal workers come there but they dont clean the roads properly. I have told them several times.

    The neighbor hood streets are damaged by one or the other Government Department. Lately the bad roads were refined in my area, two days back the road were again damaged for laying of cable line.

    I cant even take my bike inside the gate to park it nor take it out to go to work. If this is the case and if the Government is so in productive with soo many flaws. Then find ways to make money for yourself than imposing tax without giving proper benefits.

    Go take a hike, because you are not any great you’re just like an other British rule.

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