Christmas morning in Bangalore

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Thursday morning saw a subdued start to the wonderful & propitious day. The sun was tricky to sight through the thick drape of fog, and as the morning opened up, the visibility reduced further. As people decorated their Christmas trees with lights and snowflake decorations, to welcome Santa Claus with his goodies bag, nature had its own plan. It created its own Christmas trees for those who can not afford one. It decorated its trees across the periphery of the city, with frost.

Christmas morning scene - frost on leaves

Frost over cobwebs and leaves (pic: Saurabh Mittal)

The frost settled on all the roadside plants to create unusual patterns. Looks similar to snow on Christmas trees, don’t they. The colours were amazing and the frost on the cobwebs around these plants looked great. It’s amazing how nature creates such designs, and how easy it is to overlook them.

Wishing you all a merry Christmas, and hoping that we as Bangloreans add light and colour to Christmas by making it a better day for the under-privileged.

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