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Zainab Bawa is a Ph D student at the Centre for the Study of Culture and Society (CSCS), Bangalore. She studies urban spaces.

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  1. Hey, Great article on TDR. But I feel, every citizen is responsible towards the development of the country. But, suppose a person having his own private 60×40 house in a busy road, which the govt plans to acquire, how will he be compensated. What will he do with the TDR when his house is left with just 40×40 followed by his foundation being hit. I guess the govt needs to deal with such conditions in a different manner so the owner would also think twice.

    BTW, I would want to know more about the TDR policy/norms for new construction. Fire safety norms for tall raise structure as well. If you have any idea/material pls send it forward. Would be a great help.


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