Voter registration drive at office campuses

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Voter registration for Bengaluru’s MNC employees is now as simple as a walk to their cafe!


VoteDeIndia has been conducting such drives at MNC campuses throughout Bangalore, most recently at Cognizant and Sasken. VoteDeIndia is volunteer, non-profit and non-partisian initiative run by a group Bangaloreans from the Infotech sector to increasing voter (electorate) turnout.

The drive, which started with on-campus registrations in September, has been helping non-registered voters to register, so that they become eligible to get a voter ID. So far, VoteDeIndia has been successful in getting around 1000 members to sign up.

VoteDeIndia helps individuals in:

(1) Accurate identification of constituency and ward (This info is needed to fill and file Form-6, the voter registration form)

(2) Online filling so that forms are unambiguously and clearly readable by government electoral reigstration offices.

(3) Citizens can file the signed Form-6 right at their employer’s cafe. VoteDeIndia will deliver the forms to appropriate electoral registration offices (ERO).

This registration drive will run long as the ERO offices continue to accept Form-6 (which could be until Feb 2009).

So MNC employees, among readers of Citizen Matters, can help themselves and help their co-employees by approaching VoteDeIndia to conduct such drives at their own campuses.

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