1. It appears that with the ascent of Siddharamaiahji/Congress rule, Karnataka has entered an era of convergence of forces towards development!all the opposition parties are showing bonhomie with the ruling party. Crowds thronging to meet him which are not receding with time show this adulation quite over overwhelmingly. There are good rains triggering hopes of prosperity in the state. It is very heartening that our Honorable CM understands the transience of power.and aims at the well being of people in all.If all the programs promised during the election are promptly delivered, no doubt we are going to have continued congress rule in the state for succeeding terms! So in this direction it is important the implementation of all that was promised. it begins with the rice..it should not be slowed down.
    Rains have made water challenge a lesser one. Generation of electricity needs utmost attention. JH Patel struck an MOU with two Mumbai based Companies to generate electricity from sewerage water in Bangalore. Soon after, he passed away.There is need to rejuvenate this MOU are strike a similar one now. It will reduce our global city’s pollution levels significantly.Scandinavian economies are successfully generating electricity from waste water and sewerage even at household and firm level. We can get technical know how from them as electricity is critical for our economic growth. There is need to give first priority to solar energy for all purposes as well. Bio diesel from algae and non edible plants particularly from traditional canopy tree pongamia (honge) should take the first priority of the present Government. About bio diesel the pace is already set and the structure has to be made functional.All types of enterprise to generate renewable energy needs to be given tax exemption and incentives to keep up with the current global ethos. Single window clearance of all SME needs is already existing through ‘Udyoga Mitra’ which has to continue updating.It is not difficult to remove the garbage city tag on out garden city if household level cooperation is gained through heavy media and community advocacy. BBMNP has to spruce up towards this.

    We are in for Budget times soon.Money given unasked to mutts has to be stopped, fiscal responsibility has to be adhered to by keeping high developmental and capital expenditure, minimizing current expenditure (largely on administrative expenditure) without sacrificing liquidity. Budget is essentially framed considering our State Domestic Product (SDP it is GDP for India of course we have to have an eye on GDP as well) and its growth rate which is around 6%.Our CM has the fame of presenting surplus budgets and Karnataka expects the same again!! Karnataka which is a hard working state (despite high percentage of degraded lands we are good at agricultural productivity for instance) and one of the most progressive states is back on the growth trajectory with good governance.

  2. well, we have great expectations from the new CM. It is of utmost importance to every ligisaltor, irrespective of party affiliations, to support the New CM in every action taken by him in the interest of our state, cities and people. We should be made to forget the worst ever performance of the previous govt and take our state to old glories

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