1. @CitizenMatters: Your link “to know everything about aadhar card” is not working.

  2. There is ONLY one source to register for Aadhar, Its Fraser Town Post Office, and they have given up on doing it! As they could handle 50 applications a day. The Aadhar website does not have any other office this side of town. How can they be so dis-organised? They are unable to cater to the population. What is the alternative?

  3. Govt, can not force its citizens to have bank accounts in public sector bank,nor they can force to have Aadhar card in order to avail subsidy.The aadhar card does not enjoy any statutory approval from parliament,thus it is open to the citizen whether to accept it or not.
    Aadhar card going to be another big scam by govt.

  4. I have applied for adhar card a year ago and has the acknowledgement to that effect and yet to recive the card adhar web site is not at all useful for follwup what should I do

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