1. The present government should be people friendly.
    Police should arrange public-police contact programme as announced a year back but yet to take shape to erase fear among people on the day today news we read abt chain snatching, nexus between politician and police, etc. Police know the criminals and their nexus with politicians in each area, they(police) shd be given free hand to deal with anti social elements. Police shd be posted in sub ways connecting railway station and ksrtc to evict unwanted people assemble there who destory the culture of bangalore city. Ward committee members should be given free hand in reviewing the progress of work in each ward. Display of each work, completion date etc. penalty for non completion before due date shd be notified. Garbage cleaning and the no. of trucks used should be recorded so that contractors should not claim bogus claims. Drainages should be cleaned periodically as well as maintaining of footpaths. Meeting with service providers such as bescom, bmtc, bwssb, etc. should be arranged to have views of the public and implement the same accordingly. Civic amenity sites alloted during the last five years should be reviewed and restored for welfare of the people.

  2. Sir/s,
    more theory is useless, good governess has to be best commitment from our elected leaders, we saw them recently, perhaps we see again in next election,
    My point is recent rain in Whitefield, Vinayaka layout,(on 20 MAY) water of the gutters gushed into our homes,
    the drainage system is so poor even after many representation to BBMP, Corporator, has changed nothing, All totally corrupt, recently Cauvery water connections, all wanted money for meters, even the valve- man is totally corrupt, partly we also to be blamed, then where is the chance of good governance? if the leaders political with out corruption take the initiative then to some extent, there will be an feel good effect…

  3. Karnataka is seeing a single party in power after a long time. I hope they do not waste time fighting for power within themselves . They should make use of this opportunity vested in them by the people and not squander it.
    We do not need more schemes but implementation of existing schemes to benefit people.
    I also hope the opposition lauds the good things done by the new govt and keep them on their toes by closely watching them and prove that the time is come for a mature opposition.
    Please also realize that it’s not just about Bangalore, but there are many other cities and towns in Karnataka.

  4. Citizens need only a few basic amenities like Good roads, constant supply of Water and Electricity,clean city, Personal Safety taken care of and courteous service from the Government servants. Honest citizen is averse of going to the Government Offices due to corruption and delay. In fact during Mr SM Krishna’s regime many services were delinked from the clutches of Government servants.

    While agreeing the importance of giving eminence to our mother tongue, we should remember that Bangalore today is an international City. We should have all boards and notifications in Kannada and English for the convenience of all citizens.

    Let us hope for good Governance from the new Government.

  5. Good governance means the following:
    waste management from micro level
    corruption and red tape free admin
    access(probably with ICT) to the governance to common man
    alternative energy production of all types at all levels
    good fiscal performance
    refurbishing social infrastructure (health system and education system)
    networking Kannada and culture promoting bodies from local to global level (probably with ICT)
    Opportunities for women at all levels and fear free life
    Encourage innovations(R&D)in education and industry.
    Encourage resource (land, water and human capital) optimization towards checking climate change
    Encourage tourism and renovate tourism spots(both internal and international in terms of health tourism, eco tourism,adventure tourism,religious and cultural tourism
    measures against voluntary under employment
    By that 5 years will fly off Siddhuji will want to contest next election to complete the work he took up as CM!

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